5 Reasons to Use T-Brush Toothpaste Tablets for Teeth Whitening

An attractive smile is all about keeping your white ivories in top-notch shape and color. People with yellowish teeth suffer a lot. They have this fear of feeling discriminated while smiling. If you have not got yellow teeth, you are lucky, dude. However, keeping those pearls always white is hard. 

We all know that brushing is an unavoidable thing in our lives. Dentists suggest brushing teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. However, people get frustrated and fall short when it comes to proper brushing because of busy schedules, which might not be a good idea. 

T-brush is the new generation, no plastic toothpaste tablets company. It has an advanced formula with hygienic and eco-friendly packaging. Normal toothpaste tablets Contain synthetic chemicals - SLS, Gluten, Titanium Dioxide; however, T-brush includes natural ingredients and is organically fit. 

This article will discuss reasons to use T-brush, no plastic toothpaste tablets for teeth whitening.

Minimize Bacteria Production

Bacteria production in our mouth takes no time. After every meal, bacteria are produced in a short period and start attacking the enamel. Enamel (non-living white pigmented cells) is the first layer of teeth, called the crown. 

The longevity of bacteria in the mouth causes enamel decay. The longer we don't brush, the larger the enamel decay happens. Once the enamel has gone, you can't regrow it. The layer after enamel is naturally yellow dentin. 

Dentin is not protective at all. Enamel decay will cause yellowish teeth, sensitivity, pain and sometimes leads to tooth decay. 

Brushing with T-brush after every meal destroys the production of bacteria, protects white crown enamel, and adds on another protective toothpaste layer. 

Saliva Production

When you wake up, you are likely to feel more saliva than when you are asleep. Saliva is one of the protective layers of teeth. It protects teeth from bacteria and defense against the plague. 

When we don't brush before bed, there are many bacteria and less saliva in our mouths. Bacteria play the game in favor of cavities and lead to the yellowing of teeth. 

However, brushing with a T-brush toothpaste tablet before bed makes you less likely to have bacteria and acids in the mouth. Hence, there is no risk of the yellowing of teeth. 

Prevent Cavities 

Plaque is a sticky film that contains bacteria. It coats the teeth and penetrates the protective enamel of your teeth, attacking the more vulnerable layers underneath, which leads to cavities. 

Tooth before having cavity looks dark yellowish, indicating the enamel decay. Brushing teeth with T-brush protects teeth from plaque and hence prevents cavities. 

Cavities can lead to severe dental damage and tooth loss. So, regular brushing is most important. 

Tartar Build-up Prevention

When you do not brush your teeth regularly, Tartar (a thin yellowish layer) coats itself on your teeth, and it will not go away. Tartar removal by tooth scraping method by the dentist is the only way to get rid of Tartar. 

Hence, T-brush includes all the natural and hygienic ingredients, so brushing with T-brush prevents tartar build-up, indirectly yellowing teeth.

If Tartar is left untreated, it will result in bad gum infection and excessive bleeding, which can damage your overall health. T-brush plays an important role in protecting teeth from having dangerous diseases.

People who smoke daily or have diabetes are more likely to get tartar production. So, if you smoke, or if you have diabetes, then you should brush more frequently than an average person.

Proper Cleaning

Unwanted food particles stuck between teeth and look disgusted while smiling. Brushing helps in the removal of unwanted debris between teeth, but here is one restriction. Proper cleaning is impossible if the toothpaste is not adaptable to form foam in the mouth. 

Brushing with T-brush removes the small and fine particles between teeth by forming good foam. Proper cleaning leads to an alkaline environment in our mouth. 


Here are some more benefits of using a T-brush for brushing;

  • Unlike other toothpaste tubes, T-brush has a pre-adjusted dose of 1 tablet = 1 usage.
  • These are no plastic toothpaste tablets hence these come with the packaging of glass bottles. 
  • Hence it is Vegan, so there is no need to worry about hygiene. 
  • T-brush tablets are waterless hence highly travel friendly.