t-brush story

Our story started with considering the destructive effect of plastic wastes and excessive water consumption on living things. To play our part in eliminating such destruction, t-brush adopted the basic principle of offering environmentally friendly products not only for oral health but also for the future of all living things in it.

8 million tons of plastic

waste is discharged into the seas every year.

The amount of plastic waste in the seas will reach

250 million tons in 10 years.

Contrary to traditional tooth brushing methods, a new era has begun in oral and dental health with the new generation dental care products.

Each of the innovative t-brush vegan toothpaste tablets contains the ingredient and amount of product needed for one use. This way, it provides the same amount of product used in every tooth brushing until the last tablet in the glass bottle.

t-brush prefers to use natural ingredients and environmentally friendly, FSC certified packaging to meet the needs of future generations without any compromise.

t-brush products and their boxes are made of 100% recycled materials. Our mission is to keep the carbon footprint at a minimum for a livable world and a sustainable life.

This natural toothpaste tablet does not contain harmful chemicals and prevents the absorption of hazardous substances through the mouth, making oral care enjoyable. It provides a practical use by providing natural foaming with its effervescent aspect.

Especially during the epidemic, the use of traditional toothpastes leads to the sharing of bacteria and microorganisms among family members. Unlike conventional methods, our innovative products eliminate the contact of the toothbrush with the toothpaste.

t-brush is always with you, not only in the bathroom of your home but also in your travels and your bag. Its elegant design makes it portable!

Oral care and dental health is the most important supporter of the immune system for more than 7 billion people living in the world.