How to Choose the Best Toothpaste Tablet?

Toothpaste tablets are a natural thing for maintaining A+ oral hygiene while traveling. You may have tried toothpaste tablets or maybe looking forward to trying them for the first time. Either way, you must know that every product in the market has a variety and you have your own choice. 

Same in the case of toothpaste tablets; they are available in many types for the convenience of people. Also, ecoliving toothpaste tablets would be a less burden on earth and environment. 

This write-up will discuss how to choose the best organic toothpaste tablets for your best smile while showing compassion towards mother nature.

Ingredients of Toothpaste Tablets

Organic toothpaste tablets are composed of xylitol, calcium carbonate, fluoride, sodium bicarbonate, and some minerals. 

Xylitol is a powdered natural sweetener that helps in the protection of tooth enamel against bacteria. Sodium bicarbonate is a typical baking soda used to remove plaque and helps in teeth whitening.  

Calcium Carbonate is a chemical compound derived from limestone that helps in the prevention of cavities. 

All sorts of toothpaste tablets contain these ingredients except the presence of Fluoride. Some toothpaste tablets contain a good quantity of Fluoride, some contain a little, and some don't contain Fluoride at all. 

Fluoride is the basic but crucial component of oral care, but some people are allergic to Fluoride, so they have the power to choose fluoride-free toothpaste tablets. However, for most people, Fluoride is the most recommended and must ingredient to look for. 

Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride

Dentists recommend toothpaste tablets with Fluoride because of the sustainability and importance of Fluoride in oral healthcare. 

Fluoride helps protect and strengthen enamel and maintains the pH level (alkaline environment) in the mouth. Fluoride in toothpaste tablets teams up with calcium and phosphate in saliva and makes a better defensive mechanism against enamel decay.

Dentists have declared that toothpaste without Fluoride is not effective against bacteria and cavities. 

Toothpaste Tablets without Fluoride

Organic toothpaste tablets without Fluoride are only recommended to those people who have allergies.

However, Dr. Fernando said, lack of Fluoride tends to increase cavities and tooth decay.

He also mentioned that he would not recommend his patients to use toothpaste tablets without Fluoride even if they have an allergy to Fluoride. They must ask their dentist to recommend them a good alternative. 

Inorganic Vs. Organic Toothpaste Tablets

Some people believe that organic (All natural ingredients) toothpaste tablets don't provide proper cleaning. However, the dentists said that this is a misconception. Organic toothpaste tablets provide the same quality cleaning as inorganic tablets. 

But there is a point to ponder: some oral care brands lack Fluoride in toothpaste tablets as organic or natural products, which is wrong. As mentioned earlier, Fluoride is the must ingredient to look for. So, while purchasing a toothpaste tablet, look if it has Fluoride or not.

Inorganic toothpaste tablets are effective too. They have both natural and synthesized ingredients. If you have teeth disease and don't want side effects, go for organic toothpaste tablets. 

However, if your oral health is fit, you can choose between organic and inorganic toothpaste tablets. The best choice would be organic and ecoliving toothpaste tablets.

Bottom line

In short, while buying toothpaste tablets, keep these points in mind;

  • Check the presence of Fluoride in the ingredient list. 
  • If you have any tooth disease, make sure to buy an organic toothpaste tablet pack.
  • Make sure to check the flavor of your toothpaste tablet before buying. Mint, Charcoal, and menthol are the most demanded flavors.  
  • Check for ecoliving toothpaste tablets with plastic free packaging. 
  • Check the presence of mineral oils in the ingredients of toothpaste tablets for shiny and white teeth. 
  • Avoid Fluoride if you are naturally allergic to it and must ask for an alternative from your dentist.